Liu Guangyun Biography


1962            born in Jinan, China

1987           Central Academy of Fine Arts & Design, Beijing ¨C Bachelor of Arts

now            living and working in Shanghai and Mainz, Germany


Exhibitions (Selection)

2015        13th Jogja Biennale¡°Hotel de Inmigrante¡± Project, Indonesia

               ¡°Art Space Germany¡°, Wuhan Art Museum, China

               ¡°Handle With Care¡° - ¡®Ostrale¡® O15, Dresden, Germany

               Solo Exhibition, N2 Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

               ¡°Boondocks II Hannover¡°, International multimedia project, Germany

2014        ¡°I feel good¡° Solo Exhibition in Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, China

               ¡°Cosmos¡°, Shanghai M21 Art Museum, China

               ¡°Change & Exchange¡°, Shanghai-Munich art project, Munich, Germany

                Double exhibition in Gallery Schmalfuss Berlin, Germany

                Solo Exhibition, Davis Klemm Gallery, Munich, Germany

               ¡°Yixiang tiankai - The New Chinese Art¡°, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

2013        Shenzhen and Hong Kong Bi - City Biennale 2013

              ¡°Bullet Channel¡° Solo Exhibition, Himalaya Art Museum, Zendai Space Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China

          ¡°Transmedia Art¡°, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France

          ¡°Hotel de Inmigrantes¡± international project, Hannover, Germany

           Solo Exhibition,£¬ Schmalfuss Gallery£¬ Marburg£¬Germany

           ¡°Fusion & Convergence¡° T Art Museum, Hangzhou, China                    

2012       ¡°On the way home¡°£­Shanghai Biennale Special Exhibition, China

              ¡°Tina b¡° The Prague Contemporary Art Festival, Czech

             ¡°Transmedia Art¡°,Red Town Art District,Shanghai,China

             ¡°Jetlag" Multimedia Contemporary Art China, Hannover, Germany  

             "Surface" Solo Exhibition, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, China

             ¡°Reliquie 2012¡°, TUFA Art Center, Trier, Germany

             Solo Exhibition, Ignacio Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

2011      ¡°New Chinese Art¡° Tianrenheyi Art Center, Hangzhou, China.

             "TimeX" Solo Exhibition, Linda Gallery, Singapore

             "Surface" Solo Exhibition, Gallery Witzel, Wiesbaden, Germany

2010      "Updating China", Himalaya Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China

              Solo Exhibition¡°TimeX¡± Linda Gallery,Beijing 798

              Solo Exhibition. Kueper Gallery£¬Stuttgart£¬Germany

             "11071.960 km" Solo Exhibition, Fei Contemporary Art Centre, Shanghai, China

2009       "In Between¡°, K¨¹nstlerverein Walkm¨¹hle, Germany

              "Head and Body¡°, Gallery Braunbehrens, Munich, Germany

2008       "Intrude 366" Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art, China

              Solo Exhibition, K¨¹nstlerverein Bad Homburg, Germany

              Solo Exhibition, N3 Gallery, Madrid, Spain

              Solo Exhibition, N2 Gallery, Barcelona, Spain


2007      "Video Art - Videonale", Nat. Museum Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid,  Spain

             "Soft Power¡° Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China

            "Asia-Europe mediation" National Museum Posen, Poland

            "11 Videonale", Bonn Art Museum, Germany

             Solo Exhibition Gallery T40, D¨¹sseldorf, Germany

2006       9th Havanna Biennale, Cuba

              ¡°In Between" Woo Lim Gallery, Seoul, Korea

              Solo Exhibition, Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai, China

2005       "Two Asia, two Europe", Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, China

              "Crossing Time" International Exhibition, Dartington, England

              "Chiffre of Change", Solo Exhibition TUFA Art Centre, Trier,        Germany 

              ¡°Back to the Future - Shanghai Arts¡°, IF Museum, Posen, Poland

              ¡°Back to the Future - Shanghai Arts¡°, Art Hall Faust, Hannover, Germany

              Vellano Art 2005, Vellano, Italy                        

2004        "Art Periphery", Media Factory Festival, Pecs, Hungary

               Double exhibition, Schloss Waldthausen, Mainz, Germany

               MMAC (Mixed Media Art Communication), Tokyo, Japan

2003        ¡°Facing Nature¡°, Inner Spaces Art Centre, Posen, Poland

               Aizu Art College/Performance Festival, Mishima, Japan

               MMAC (Mixed Media Art Communication), Tokyo, Japan

               ¡°Breaking Silence¡°, Inner Spaces Art Centre, Posen, Poland

               ¡°Transfusion¡°, Fusion Art Museum, New York, USA

                ¡°Pastoral - Back to Nature¡°, Shenhua Art Center, Nanjing, China

               ¡°On the way¡° Landtag Mainz, Germany             

2002        Metaphysics 2002, Shanghai Art Museum, China

               ¡°Dominating Nature¡°, Art Hall Faust, Hannover, Germany

               ¡°Grosse Kunstausstellung NRW Duesseldorf 2002¡°, Germany

2001        ¡°Metaphysics 2001¡°, Shanghai Art Museum, China

               ¡°Chinese Plan: 360¡ã Rotation¡°, Haishangshan Art Centre, Shanghai, China

               ¡°Grosse Kunstausstellung NRW Duesseldorf 2001¡°, Germany