I am. But without possessing myself. So we first come to be. ¡ª Ernst Bloch   How We Become Who We Are: On the Oeuvre of Liu Guangyun   Michael Stoeber ¡­
  Mediate Alone   Zhao Song     For people who live in a foreign country, as a method of adaptation ¡­
I Feel Good   Li Zhenhua   Liu Guangyun¡¯s work can be seen as a story drifting from one geopolitical area to another, from one culture to anothe¡­
Liu Guangyun: Gun Shots, a Poem of ¡®Violence¡¯ Yi Lin www.arts121.com   Were the works on display specially created for the theme of this exhibitio¡­
Behind the Surface -- The context of Liu Guangyun¡¯s art and life   Zhao Song     ¡­Bendlag, northwest of Germany, at the¡­
The works of Liu Guangyun Liu Guangyun is a transducer between continents and cultures and between different artistic media, techniques and forms of expression. Drawing, p¡­