I Feel Good - the Solo Exhibition of Liu Guangyun
Release date2015/6/30

I Feel Good - the Solo Exhibition of Liu Guangyun


Duration: 2014.12.20 - 2015.1.20


Head Director: Kelly Wang

Artistic Advisor: David Eliott, Li Zhenhua


Liu Guangyun's solo exhibition, I Feel Good, is set to open in Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum on December 20, 2014. It will display three series of works by artist Liu Guangyun:  Section, Trajectory, and Transmigration.


An important dimension of the contemporary art lies inthe interrogation and reflection of the double predicaments of the individualand the group.


While constantly experiencing the anxiety of status and theconflict between different cultures, Mr. Liu Guangyun always sustains in mind astrong consciousness of predicament. Why is this consciousness worth attention? The crucial reason is that he has clear vision and profound reflection on his status as an artist, his situation, and the possible transmutations of hiswork. He does not follow the fashionable and superficial trends to meet the need of survival, nor does he choose the frivolous strategy out of the aspiration to be recognized.


He knows that the slogan of "assimilation to Europe" or "return to China" makes little sense for him.


In the fierce counteraction of two essentially very different cultures, on the one hand, he is deeply aware of the fact that he could not in any sense keep theso-called safe distance, and must accept and understand the"metamorphosis" of himself; on the other hand, he sees that as aspiritual drifter, he could probe deep into the core of himself and the realityand materialize more possibilities in art only after destroying the thought of safe distance.


More information about this coming exhibition shall be updated soon.