11071.9600114143 km  Video  Installation



This is an authentic path connecting my two homes in Germany and China.

Germany, Kempen city, Von Behring Street No.11 and Shanghai, Jufeng Road 1589, House 210 are my two home addresses, which I crossed through in a time frame of 19 years. During these years my individual experience was tremendously enriched, being stretched between these 2 points.


In this time I travelled for- and backwards countless times C however not a single time differently than by air. The jet lag, created by the speed of the airplane and the self rotation of the earth, gave me quite a lot of trouble and often made me doubt the confirmation of time and distance.


I found a terrestial route on earth connecting the 2 addresses, starting point being my house gate door, passing through each country, each city, each single road, being part of this route. Its length is 11071.9600114143 km.


After confirming the route line the surrounding background of the earth was erased, completely eliminating the possibility of getting lost on a wrong route. This real existing route line became an abstract and pure line  - thus having no relevance for any other person apart from myself.


This long line was video installed at a fixed location and is moving from one end to the other end at a speed of 120 km per hour. Two ways combined. Completing this fictious route filled with detailed, true data will need about 92.258 hours time, without jet lag.





About the Cable Installation


A specially-designed 11071.9600114143 meter long cable line was made by Shenzhen-based Necero Optical Fiber and Cable (China) Co., Ltd. The cable is embossed with Liu-Guangyun 11071.96011km Shanghai 31.287363/121.616960 Germany 51.377735/6.405731, referring to the artists name, length of the cable and the latitudes and longitudes of his two home addresses in Shanghai and Germany respectively. The length of the cable represents 1/1000 of the actual distance between the artists two homes. During the exhibition, images and data will be actually transmitted through the cable, to fulfill a transcontinental journey from one home to the other via visual images.