Video installation "Bullet Channel - New Chinese German Dictionary "

Basic statement :
Use a 9 mm handgun bullet to shoot through a "New Chinese German Dictionary" published in the 1980s.

1. The dictionary shot through belonged to me personally, was purchased in the 80s, used for many years and preserved until today.

2. Upfront each new alphabetic letter in the dictionary a copy of my personal documents was added, e.g. passport, visa, health insurance card, bank card , ID card etc.
3. The dictionary was fixed at the wall and at a distance of 4 to 5 m from the wall two bullets were fired with a pistol to break through the dictionary leaving their marks on every page, 26 personal documents were also shot through.

4. The dictionary was dismantled and according to the sequence of the page numbers framed. In total more than 1400 pages were put into more than 700 frames. Then they were all hung in the exhibition hall according to the page sequence. Following this enormous number of dictionary pages one can see the see the bullet break through process - like a vertical bullet channel in a horizontal plane.

Note: This process was recorded in video format and became part of this work.